Hole in airbox!!

Well, I was going to go on a big ride today. I start the bike and let it warm up to check the oil level. Come back in about 5 minutes and I smell burning plastic I look down at the muffler about 2 inches farther back than the bolt that holds the muffler and there is a hole about the size of 3 quarters in my airbox :devil: . It was pretty much dripping hot plastic. It also melted my mudfender a little. &%$#@! IS WRONG NOW . That is way way to hot right?

any ideas on how I should repair it? The hole is right above the muffler and there are a lot of angles and BS that are going to make repairing it in any way a bitch.

What bike is it on? Pics would help...

That is way way to hot right?
Five minutes of idling is way too long. Because of the cam timing and the retarded ignition timing at idle in neutral, the exhaust gets famously hot. Try searching for "header glows red" sometime.

Probably the easiest (well, second easiest, the first being "buy a new one") repair would be to use fiberglass mat for that fix. Get the surfaces clean and oil free, scuff it up some, and build it up in layers. Should hold pretty well.

Then too, there's always duct tape. :devil:

Then too, there's always duct tape. :thumbsdn:

God's gift to the South! :devil:

And it's 200 mph duct tape! :thumbsdn:

But grayracer it says to check the oil level to let it idle for 3 minutes. Is there anything wrong with it? I knew they get really hot when they idle but it melted f-ing airbox! I thought the glowing header was normal. It does it all the time but my airbox is ruined what are you talking about fiberglass? Where can I buy it at? Do yamaha dealers carry exhaust tape to prevent it from melting again?

You can probably buy a fiberglass repair kit at Wal-Mart or an auto parts store.


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