Pics of your 06-09 yzf 450





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0b3df6fa.jpg my 09

Here's the 2008 YZ450F I picked up a few weeks ago. I haven't done much to her yet, but plan to do quite a bit.



I'm thinking, black plastics with a graphic kit that has a mostly black background, but with red elements. Right now, the all white look is just too plain. I'll post some after photos as soon as I can.

well....i guess im the only one so far thats on the

my 08.




in its alter ego....haha


2006 YZ450FATT64503.jpg

The 2007 Yz450f and I racing a hare scramble in Berthoud CO


Hey I have a broken leg too, i broke my lower left fibula and severed my sensory nerve in my foot by over shooting a large table top then landing to flat and then going over a berm approximately 50ft after the landing. it is a nightmare. Anyways how do you upload photos to this cite like you guys did?



added a DR D exhaust.....


I have a comment about the breather hose is it just for show or does it hold a purpose, I see it is wider than the stock breather, will this help with anything?

I have a comment about the breather hose is it just for show or does it hold a purpose, I see it is wider than the stock breather, will this help with anything?

Good question. That crank case hose picyured was from the 1st production run and It was a little larger OD but really not that much..... The color makes it look that way when it pops. We reduced the OD on the 2nd run.




To lumpy, alright I see. the reason im asking is because the previous owner cut about 4 inches of the breather hose on my 09 yz450f. it didnt reach to the rubber brackets it is suppose to go into. I put a slightly thiner tube into my old cut hose to make it reach and I was just curious if that would affect anything negatively.

My 2008 yz450f all ready for 2013.


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Hi all, heres my 07 with my monster!




I just finished my frame up rebuild of my 08 YZ450fIMG_0623.JPGIMG_0628.JPG


Here's my 09' which I haven't used in well over a year. It's been sitting in my basement. The pic was taken in 2010 and the bike hasn't changed since I have not been riding it. I had a ride to race the 2012 last summer so never got this poor old girl out but I have to this year. I think it's got 65 hrs on it from the first day it was started. I put alot of work into this bike, one of the reasons I don't want to get rid of it. Pretty much everything you can do to it has been done. Other than no motor work, the motor has had 2 new yamaha top end kits put in it. I added my own Honda steering damper on it to. Yes I know I'm very anal when it comes to these bikes lol.



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