xr600r 85 model twin carb problem

high wounder if anyone can help just picked up an xr600r 1985 model needs some attention but the twin carbs have been taken off to clean before it was stored now i've got it but my manual does'nt show twin carbs can anyone help with diagrams of how the link system between the two of them works as have built the carb's but cant work that bit out :thumbsdn: also could someone explain how the twin system works :devil:

The linkage is progressive. The left carb opens about a third before the right one opens. Then they both go WOT at the same time. There is a black plastic link between the two carbs that connectes the throttle linkages. That little piece is 45 bucks. If your missing it, youve gotta buy it. Although I made one out of heavy wire, because I wasnt going to drop that much dough on a bike I got for free (83 XR500).

thanks for this info im not missing it but cant seem to get it to fit as arm on right carb seems to have 360 radius and one link point for black plastic and a hole with a brass fitting a few milimeters away sorry if im apearing stupid but it is not making sense i fit with arm (of right carb) pointing one way it opens (right) carb fully i move it and fit it the other and (right) carb open only a few milimeters any ideas :devil:

Letmee see if I can find an exploded view....

here you go. Go here, scroll down, fill in info for the 1985 XR600R and click on carburator. You'll see the exploded factory parts fische. If you cna't find it Ill send you a copy via email.


thanks a million got the link and found the exploded picture thanks again

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