Radiator help

I rode my bike(1999 wr 400) between a big tree and a sapling. The only problem was that the sapling was a deer stand ladder and didn't give an inch. Dealer wants $330 for a left side radiator. Anyone have or know of a used radiator for sale.

check e-bay. i had mine repaired at a local radiator shop for 65 bucks. check on tt about a place in utah that does it. i think it is myers.

Thanks. I called a local guy today and he said he has fixed some dirt bike radiators, but I don't think mine is going to be repairable. It looks like pretty bad. I will definately try. Thanks again.

You can get a rt and a lt one for 399 at chaparral. try that. i tweaked my lt one and my yamaha shop quoted me 300 for one. if you are going to be spending the money might as well get two nice fluid-dine(sp?) ones.

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