Ktm 525 vs wr/yz 450f

Hi all, I might be selling my 426 and want to know which bike would climb really steep dunes better,

I already know the 525 is quick but how quick?

how quick can it be with traditional valves ?

how high does the 525 rev ?

horsepower difference ?

- Thanks

ps no i dont want a cr500

All you questions are about the 525 KTM, why not try the KTM forum?

I put them in the ktm forum too, i was hoping someone here maybe rode both

I don't think a 525 SX will get you further up the hill then a YZ 450. the yz at least will last and won't have goofy steering/handling of a KTM. try different sprocket and tire combos to get more wheel spin. extend the swingarm! anything, don't go from Yamaha to KTM.

A friend of mine owns the KTM (nice bike - we change now and then) and i have the '05 WR450. If the only criteria is the sand dunes - (sounds a little limiting ?) then try the Husaberg FE650 'cause it kills the KTM and Yamaha at that particular obstacle. However, for a good all-rounder you can't beat the WR due to its capacity to over-rev far in excess of the KTM ... and the Husaberg is a handfull in the tight stuff.

I have revved my 525mxc to 9800 rpm according to the max rpm on the tach. That wasn't necessarily the limit, just one particular spin around the block. Just picked up a WR450 but haven't tested it yet. The performance of either of these bikes is not going to be your limiting factor on any obstacle.

The performance of either of these bikes is not going to be your limiting factor on any obstacle.

Too true :devil:

I am a proud owner of an old WR 426 with some motor work. I rode a KTM 525 with the 540 kit in the Baja 1000 last year. Thus have riden both. A yamaha 450 and stock KTM 525 are just about equal, but I think the KTM has a bit more torque. The better rider will take the holeshot on either bike. However the KTM 525 with the 540 kit is much faster than the yamaha. Both in a straight drag race or in a hill climb. I would still stick with the Yamaha because they can be built to keep up with the KTM 540. Regardless of power and all that crap, the better rider will usually win no matter what they are riding.

Oh yeh... KTMs are break more!

You said no Cr 500's, so that only leaves the KX 500. No better bike for the sand.

The performance of either of these bikes is not going to be your limiting factor on any obstacle.

i will 3rd that ^

you should be lucky that you are choosing between the 2 best bikes out there.

i find that the WR revs up nicer and holds in the higher rpm much better then the ktms especially if you put in a yz450cam. but the 525 has more torque all over. like an tractor that can rev.

for wide open desert stuff i would go for the the 525exc. they have a very nice true wide ratio trans. so your 1st is nice and low for maneuvering and the 6th will do 165km/h {105mph}. also i find a bit more grunt in the sand to be nice. if you get the revs too low in any gear it will recover and pull back into the upper power quite easily.

Yamaha engine is of better design but the ktm has 60cc {525exc is 510cc}more and a better spaced trans with a 6th....

both good bikes. why not just by both :devil:

I would go with the KTM 525.

the 525 is rated at 53 hp while the WR426 (don't know about the 450) is rated at 47 hp. Both bikes are great, but for me it is the 6th gear on the KTM that seals the deal for dual sport use and the lighter weight of the KTM. The Yamaha does not require the strict maitenance intervals of the KTM though.

It seems nobody is paying attention to your post. You asked about the KTM 525 vs yz450 regarding sand and hill climbing. The yz450 will beat the KTM on hill climbs anyday. But which KTM 525 are you referring to, the SX, EXC or XC? I can't comment on the SX, but I can on the other two, I own a 06 KTM 450xc which I race 2-3 times a month (desert) and I still have my 04 yz450 both bikes very modded, I have ridden the 06 525xc and exc and the yz is the better climber due to its power to weight ratio. I know the 06 yz450 is even better, more power than my 04. The Yamahas rev a lot higher too which is good for sand or big hills.

BTW...KTM's are no more maintenance than the Yamaha's other than adjusting the valves mabey twice a year. In fact my 450xc holds more oil than my 04 yz450. With new filters it's 1qt-14oz, yz 1qt-8oz. All modern 4-strokes need to be maintained regularly, regardless of brand.

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