XR650R supermoto/road bike!

i currently have a 1994 XR250L (road legal)....its an awsome bike but has no balls over 45 MPH

im thinking about investing in a new XR650R and doing a supermoto convertion kit,

Will this be a good bike for racing around town with, Commuting to school, and the accational day trip out of state?

I was also thinking about the DRZ400SM which would be easier because its already tarded, but i think i want more power than that...

How much more will the XR650 have than the DRZ? XR650R max speed?

Anyone have pics of there XR's post em up!

There's many threads on this topic. Short answer is the 650R makes a great do-all bike.

I have one set up for smoto, street-legal. Its a blast, literally. Check out "My Garage", at left...

You got to be passionate about the 650R, though. You are talking about a fair amount of coin to do the conversion: $500 for the DS kit, $1500 for good smoto rims and tires, plus any other bits and baubles you want to add. You gotta REALLY want the R to make that conversion effort. And you gotta REALLY like the concept of kicking-off your motor. Otherwise there are better, more "sane" DS bikes out there.

But if you want gonzo power, wheelies without thinking, 100+ topend in a mater of a few seconds and respectable open-class SM capability, the R is high on the list.

Again, you gotta be PASSIONATE for the R.

If you're still interested, don't be afraid of used R's. With very rare exceptions the 650R has some of the best build-quality and reliability in the dirt world. I bought mine used off of eBay three years ago, did the DS conversion, had some sweet rims and hubs laced-up for it and been grinning ever since. No worries. Used R's are generally a real bargain. $3k will get you a nice clean, low-hour model. $4k will get you a virgin garage queen.

Ride safe.

If your happy cruising at 60 mph a drz400 will do, if you want to gear tall and go fast a 650R or bigger is the only option, the seat sucks on long rides other than that mines been a blast on and off road. Mines 4 years old reliability has been 100% and I have only had to replace 1 chain, some tires and 1 h/lamp bulb.

what year do you plan on getting

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