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anyone out there have any experience with Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara tires? I neeed some DOT rubber on my plated xr650r. These are rated at 50/50 dirt/street, and Ive been doing more street lately, trucking her all the way out to the deserts gettin kinda old, was recently asked nicely to leave Riverside Co., plus I would like a better ride on the street. I still want to be able to run to the top of Saddleback with the assurance the knobbies give ya, but I want to lean her over a bit on the road too. If no experience with metzelers, is there any other 50/50 type rubber you would reccomend?

I don't have any experience with those tires, but I gotta ask.... you were "asked" to leave the county?

Did they say leave the county, by sundown?

I run dunlopp 606's they seem to last longer and gripthe road pretty good, tried michelin bajas they made it 600 miles.

I've had good luck with the Kenda 270's on the rear and the Trackmaster II up front. The price is reasonable and the mileage is exellent for bike that is hard on rear tires.

If you do plan to ride more on the street, the Michelin Deserts are really good. The rear is a 140. It has the same casing as the Baja mentioned above, but it has shorter and much stouter tread blocks. I've gotten over 1200 miles on a rear with a mix of pavement, very high speed forest circus/bureau of land mismanagement dirt/gravel and desert races (hare and hounds). They ride down the road smoother than any other tire that I have tried (Dunlop 606 & Michelin Baja) but the price is hard to swallow. However, I usually destroy a rear tire in under 500 miles, so I justified the expense that way. I should also say that by 1200 miles, I still had tread left (about 40%), but the tire had gone through enough heat cycles that it had baked itself into a black stone. Off the pavement all it would do is spin violently at that point in it's life. The front works equally well. The only bad thing about the Michelin DOT tires (Desert or Baja) is that they are terrible in anything that even remotely resembles mud. Or wet grass! But in SoCal, that probably isn't much of a concern. If you still plan to ride more dirt than asphalt, go with the Dunlop 606. Great dirt tire that is still DOT legal. Tall knobs that don't chunk easily in the rocks. But not as good on the asphalt as the Michelin Desert, at least in my opinion.

Check out the maxxis m6006, i got a set and am pleased on the street and they still throw a good roost off-road. They are a 50 50 tire.

yes, they asked us to leave, cause the next time we'd be askin them where do we go to get our impounded bikes. They were pretty cool about it, they might be on 4 wheelers, but they do ride, and I guess in a way theyre just doin their job, whether they like the laws or not, and I suppose they didnt have to warn us first.

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