05 WR450 Gray Wire Mod, Canadian Model

Hey Guys, I bought an 05 wr450 about a month ago, it has a bills pipe, AIS removed, throttle stop fixed, air box mod, but the guy never touched the gray wire. I asked him why and he said it had decent mid range as is and didn't feel the need for it.

I have read in a few places that the gray wire mod will not help the canadian versions? I've tried searching in other places because search is disabled here currently and can't find any info...Just wondering if anyone out there knows if it does make a difference on the Canadian versions and if I should try it..

One other question, I asked him if he jetted it after the mods, he said it didn't need it? I have read almost everywhere that you need to rejet after opening up both ends...Should I rejet?

If he put the factory GYTR AIS removal kit it does come with a new needle and pilot jet which should help with the new pipe and other mods. I've got an 06 WR and it did have the gray wire. I didn't cut mine but rather pulled it out of the harness and just put a dab of silicone over the hole and shrinkwraped the exposed wire. With the AIS removed, rejetted with the JD kit (red #5, 45 pilot and 168 main) and the gray wire I couldn't keep the front tire on the ground on the street (= traction) It reved way quicker and made it a totally new bike. But what it comes down to is how do you want it setup. Myself....I'm a gearhead, can't leave anything alone and I always want more power....now I have too much which is just enough :devil:


I have an 05 and I did the same... just pulled the grey wire out of the harnes and taped it up. I also rejeted and the bike rips. If you think the grey wire mod is unnessasary after you do it you can allways plug it back in.

It's not that it won't help... it's that the Canadian models didn't used to HAVE the grey wire.

If it's there, pull it. You won't be sorry. Like the YZ cam swap, there is NO loss in power anywhere in the band and a solid increase in the higher ranges.

Thanks for the replies guys,

He Removed the ais on his own, he is a mechanic....improvised...did the job with out the "Kit". So he never rejetted. I guess I'll take the tank and stuff off tonight and take a look to see if there is a grey wire in there..

So I guess rejetting should be done as well, especially now that the colder months are coming...

If it were me I would do two things then....get the Thumper talk AIS removal kit (no jets in this one) and order up the James Dean jet kit for your bike. There are two great tutorials on both and its very easy to do.

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