Zip ties on forks

This isn't really wr specific but why do people put zip ties on there forks? I've noticed it on dirt bikes and street bikes but only on those bikes with USD(upside down) forks. What the deal?

The reason is for seeing how much of the supension travel was used during a ride.

I don't know what it's used for on dirt bikes, but on street bikes people use them to measure the amount that the forks compress when the rider sits on the bike. This information helps you properly set the preload on the forks. The idea is that you want to set the preload so that the forks are right in the middle of their travel range when you're sitting on the bike. The tie wraps make doing this much easier.

same for dirtbikes, just a tunning device that is dirt cheap and works. I know "why," but not "how." How do you use the zip ties on the forks to measure suspension travel?



Ok, that makes sense.

Basically you move the zip tie right up to the fork seals and then when you sit on the bike the forks will "sag" and move the zip tie down some amount. measure that amount and make adjustments.

I used the zip tie's on my rear shock shaft as well as my front fork tubes. It really let me know how much stroke I was using on both ends and helped me alot in adjusting my compression dampening. Found out I was to soft on the back and to hard on the front. Didn't realize it while I was riding it. Also showed me what my suspension does on fire roads versus tight single track. It really helped me in knowing where to make adjustments.

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