Tim Staab update.....

I sure was bummed to hear about this. Has anyone heard if they have brought him out of the drug induced coma yet?

Scott, Im so sorry to say that as of the 10th he WAS still in the coma. This really worries me. From what I understand they have him in a chemical induced coma so that his body can recover faster. I really wish I knew more.

This morning I talked to Casey Folks, the director of the Best in the Desert orginazation, he told me that he had just talked to Tim's dad. He says that Tim's condition is not so much life threatening like it was before and has made some progress but still is in the induced coma and most likely they will bring him out of it in the next couple of days. This is good.

Thanks for the info Dan. I certainly hope this has a happy ending. Please let us know whats up if you hear anything.

Thanks for the update Dan. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. P

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