heat sheild for aftermarket headpipe

i have an 06 yz450 and i bought a dr d exhaust for it what would be the best way to put a heat sheild on the headpipe i have already been threw two pairs of riding pants because the headpipe melted them can someone please help me. i have thought of using header wrap but i have heard that will mess up the headpipe.

E-line make a few pipe guards out of carbon fiber. You may want to look into that.

Use the stock one. email me for pics and details on how to do it. ingramo@excite.com

Another vote for E-Line carbon fiber heat shields. I'm running an E-Line heat shield on my WB header, no more melted pants.

fmf makes a clamp on heat shield, nothing to drill or cut.

thanks guys i really appreciate it i went with the eline it looked the best but damn is it expensive.

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