FMF Power Bomb

I have a 2000 WR400F Aftermarket header FMF Q2, I assume YZ Timing (previous owner played with it a lot) and was turned away at an event at the weekend for being too loud 98dB, needed to be 94dB. does the powerbomb actually work? does the timing change increase the dB?. does anyone have any ideas how to get the noise down, all I have been told so far by the dealers around here is that the WR is a loud bike

Thanks in advance

The best way to reduce the noise is repack the muffler or end can.

Depending on what you have you may be able to drop it a few db - I've read 93-96db depending on the way the test was conducted.

The FMF Q2 with powerbomb is NOT noisy but you sacrifice a few BHP up top compared to less restrictive end cans.

There is a CA website that compares noise of various pipes. I posted it some 6-9 months ago. if I find I'll repost.


Yeah that stinks. I've got a Q on my '98 that needs to be repacked. Think I sqeaked into an event @ 98db when we needed to be 96.

Going to repack and add a powerbomb over the winter...

I have a Q and Powerbomb and I had the same problem as you. The only thing that will make it quiet is Silent Sport packing. Tried the stock stuff from FMF and some generic stuff, both were loud as hell. SS made a very noticable difference. The new Q2 is internally the same muffler as the Q, with the same cork like turbine spark arrestor but it's packed with SS from the factory.

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