05 WR450 new price/dual sport??


A local dealer has a new 2005 WR450F for $5,000. It looks beautiful, is this a fair price for a 2 year old, but never used bike? I really need to be able to make it street legal to ride the ATV trails in northern Wisconsin, any cheddarheads have succes with this? I had been looking at Honda XR650L's, pretty different bike but it comes with the tag. The new KTM's or Huskys are a bit steep pricewise for me, I need to keep a 50 Raptor in the budget for the kiddo's as well. Thanks for any and all responses, I'm trying to get the best set-up by the end of October for a trip up north der hey. :devil::thumbsdn:

That is a great deal. I would take it. The WR is really one of the best handling bikes in deep sand. Since Wisconsin is an ATV only state you will need to get plated to ride any of the many trails. If you have trouble getting plated at home, Michigan will sell you a plate even if you live in Wisconsin. Lots of good dual sporting in Michigan as well. :devil:

mine was 6k but lots of extras added in the deal......very good ds bike

Great deal on the bike! It's going to cost you anywhere from $300-$1,000 to dual sport it. Then do searches on this forum and do all the free mods to open the bike up. Also plan on buying extra jets or a JD jett kit, and get used to taking the carb on and off! Once you get the carb situation settled the bike rips, and is a blast to ride. My '05 is my daily commuter.

I just bought the same bike a month and a half ago for 4700. Love it so far.

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