Do these work?

Magnetic Drain Plug

One or two of these?

Gauge Dipstick

Is it accurate?

I think "yes" on both.

I have the temp dipstick installed. Nice to know what's going on inside the engine when its 110 out.

They dont list years for the XR650L temp stick

I see you have an 06, like me. Does it go into the top fill hole on the frame?


IMHO, both useless.

Your money is better spent on booze and porn.

I have the temp dipstick and it seems to be fairly accurate, yes it goes into the filler hole on frame and can be easily read while riding. As far as the magnetic plugs they are cery trick looking however there is a screen in both the motor and frame that should catch metal particals, how small though would be the question, really you cant be too carefull when it comes to metal shavings, I think that if nothing else if you see metal shavings stuck to the magnet you know that you need engine work! I believe that all model year xr650L use the same dipstick and probably other models too.

Jackattack- dude if your going to say something is useless you really should say why it is so, ie.( I had one it did not work, etc...) how did you get your gold rating, by giving one liners like that? :thumbsdn:

Guys you can save a few bucks on the dipstick and drain plugs by sending an email to give the part description and part# your model and year bike and you will get a favorable response. been there done that, glad I did.


I had the dipstick.

The information it provides is inaccurate and useless. It broke in 6 months.

There ya go bro...more than one line.

They both are awesome and you should get one right away. The drain plug catches small ferrous metals that cause friction and getting rid of these will increase your horsepower at least 10hp if not more. The temp gauge is like having a Tech. the higher it goes the more you will know your in the power-band (that is if you bought the right size power-band to start with). When someone walks up to check out you ride you will always know 'you cool' when you here them say, "What a dip-stick!"

BWB63 everyones a comedian, A guy wants an honest opinion and you give them crap.

One liner, you have doubled your output thats a 100% increase in efficency, should have sent it back they have a 100,000 line warranty, just kidding. I have had mine for about 9 months still working has not fogged, or broke yet.

Got the temp dipstick and the mag.plug lower left drain it works.

Squatpuke , there are two one for the frame and one for the motor. dont pay them R guys no mind as they have no mind left. You got a question we'll answer it honestly and as accurate as we can, so dont be shy now ya hear!

If you buy the drainplug, don't get an aluminum part. The magnet can seperate from the plug and lodge in the motor. BD makes a steel plug and it works well. Never tried the temp dipstick, a little too bling for me.

I also got the dip stick. Like several other posts stated, I want to know as much as possible what's going on inside my engine.

Question came up last week as to accuracy of these, so I tested mine: put it into a pot of boiling water. I was at 1500' elevation and waters boils at 209 F. The dipstick read right at 210. At "garage" temps, engine cool, it seem to be very accurate as well.

Accurate enough for me.

I also have the GPR steering stabilizer and the mounting collar for the frame pin interfered with the "bolt faces" of the oil temp dipstick when I tried to install it the first time. No problem, I just took a file and slightly rounded the edges of the dipstick (the body is aluminum, the actual dipstick sensor is stainless). Goes in perfect.

I've had mine now for two years, zero problems, excellent accuracy.

Good investment, imho. yrmv.

Do not have the mag drain plug, but do have one in all my other bikes. Your post has reminded me to order one for the R! Thanks!

I assume they are inaccurate because of where the measure the oil temp, therefore not useful information.

I assume they are inaccurate because of where the measure the oil temp, therefore not useful information.

(Not directed at ghoti, specifically)

People need to define for themselves what "accurate" means.

Is this termometer accurate enough to use as a sensor on the Space Shuttle? No. (or depends on what the data is used for) On a bike? Yes.

On the L, the oil is pumped back into the frame reservoir, and this device is housed at that location. So, technically, it is not measuring the temperature of the oil actually IN the engine. But it is close enough. What difference would this make? +/- 2-3 degrees? Take into consideration the margin of error in the accuracy or calibration of the thermometer itself, say another 2-3 degrees.

That's a cumulative margin of error of roughly 0-6 degrees.

If it reads 250 degrees, but actual temp is 253, or 251, or 255, will heinous and destructive events occur? No.

It is a guideline of what is going on, temperature-wise in the engine. This is my expectation and experience of its value. YMMV.

On the dipstick-

it may not give you a great idea about the temperature of the oil in the engine, but it does serve as a useful tool in a comparative analysis.

Such as-

- if I take the wings off, does that make it run hotter? (sure does)

- I've changed the jetting and done some mods- does it really run cooler? (if not, yer too lean!)


haven't had the dip stick but i am a big fan of the magnetic drain plugs. they always seem to catch something which for the money it cost i think is well spent. before both of those i would get a reusable steel oil filter

I love my temp dip stick! Like dave said it's great to monitor temp changes. I dont care if it's right on. All I now is it tells me if I'm running hotter or cooler compared to what it normally reads.

Once I got some chemicals on it and it fogged/melted the lens. All I had to do was put a little pollishing compound on my dremel buffing wheel an it was good as new.

Snaggletooth, the polishing bit is good info. :devil:

Phuzz, I like the way you explained it, your hired. :thumbsdn:

Never thought about the aluminum separating from the magnet, but thats a good point, get a steel plug or two with magnets. :thumbsdn:

I do not agree with the reusable filter idea though, thoughts on that on another thread. :excuseme:

I have 2 magnetic drain plugs on my "R"....there usefull... :devil:

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