Tweeked Plastics?

I just ordered a new set of ltd edition yellow plastics from Acerbis and the front fender is kinda tweeked and i am really anal about stuff like that. is there any way to get it to go straight? Mabe a hair drier to add heat???

any suggestions would be great. thanks..


06 yz 450

I have used fender washers from the local hardware store and used them as shims between the fender and lower triple clamp. Don't put them on all four bolts, just the one or two that will make the fender tweek the back the correct way. I'm sorta anal about that kind of stuff as well, plus I like my fender pointing to where I'm headed.

heat gun or a microwave (it would have to be a pretty freaking big microwave though... :devil: ) or just send it back and have them send u a new one....

Put a towel on it so it doesn't scratch the fender and lean it against a wall.

My new front fender can tweeked too, was sorta pissed for being brand new. I did what yamahacrazy did, but I put some blocks between the tire and bottom fender and tweeked it more the opposite direction and heated it up and let it sit overnight.

every aftermarket fender I have ever bought has been tweaked a bit..

every aftermarket fender I have ever bought has been tweaked a bit..

agreed - this absolutely drives me crazy too.....try a heat gun!

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