How many clicks on the forks of 04 WR450?

I have messed my fork suspension settings. Playing with it too much. Need to get a life. Anyway, I have a 04 WR 450. I have heard that stock adjustment is 12 clicks out on both compression and rebound. Does that sound right?

What about the rear shock. What is the high speed and low speed compression settings as well as rebound?

Please help. And yes, I did search but could not find specific info for 04 bike.

Thanks for your time Thumper gods!


Have you tried the manual? The 06's have the info in the manual. :devil:

Unless I missed it I dont believe my 04 manual says the amount of clicks. Its does say, however, to write down the amount when you start adjusting which I obviously failed to do. :devil:

Some one help please

12 clicks sound like a good starting place.

FYI look on the Sticky's at the top of this fourm download the Manual in PDF for your bike . These are non USA service manuals and they have a Tunning Section in the back of the manual. This section is very helpful for Carburetors and Suspension.

Hope this helps good luck.

Thanks. Appreciate the tip. Steve

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