YZ450f HS gearing

I have an 03 YZ450f (fantastic bike) with stock gearing. I'm about to do some HS races (1st time) and I'm thinking I should maybe drop a tooth in the front or move to a 51 or 52 in the rear. I'm not ready to pop for the rekluse yet. I'm thinking on a GYTR off-road flywheel weight and the gearing for now. What do you all think?

Before I purchased a Rekluse, I had pretty good luck with a 50t and the GYTR MX flywheel in the woods.

I ride my 03 450 a little in the woods and I think all it would need is 3 teeth larger in the rear, good luck

I have an 04' and have a 51 rear w/ the GYTR offroad

flywheel. It made a big difference, but very low speed

technical trails were still a little tough. Get the Rekluse,

problems solved!

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