Oil change bleed screw??

On the '06 YZ450F is it imperative that you run the engine and blled the oil system after an oil change? I havent figured out a way to do it without making a heck of a mess.

No. You are not bleeding the oil system, anyway, you are testing for oil pressure. All forced oiling systems that come to mind bleed themselves.

Actually I was mistaken as the manual does say you are checking for oil pressure.

When checking for pressure, it only takes a tiny bit of oil seeping from the copper o-ring. Start the motor, open very slowly, if it is seeping, you have pressure, close it and you are done.

On the other hand, if you turn that bolt a full rotation and there is no oil seepage, shut her down, and find out why there is no oil pressure.

Hope that helped,


I have had no reason to do this....that must be a good thing :devil:

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