Chain rubbing

I have read about some having trouble with the drive chain rubbing the frame. I wasnt having the problem until today I noticed a slight rubbing. (I still have the stock chain) I recently discovered I was keeping my chain to tight (I was using the 3 finger rule) and I adjusted it to the prescribed 2+/- inches. I adjusted the wheel and measured and remeasured and all seemed within specs. My real question is has anyone seen any kind of chafe guard for the frame??? I seem to recall GrayRacer talking about designing one.

Not at this point. Mine doesn't rub.

I did order the Regina chain that Gray recomends and will be installing that.

I rode today at my local track for about 3 hours.... I have to say I love this bike!!

I never noticed it with my stock chain, but I know cheap chains (Primary Drive) that try to make up for quality by using thick side walls, rub. I use a DID ERT2 Gold, and no rubbing here, and I don't know anything about the guard being made...

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