YZ426 Or WR400 Help

Hi I have owned a WR400 2000 and loved it to bits the best bike ever, all i did was put

a Big Gun System on it and re-jetted, it had power and talk to die for. But now its gone

and all i can get my hands on is a YZ426 2001, will it be too much for me and how can i

calm it down for Enduro rideing and tight woodland .

Does anyone know if the suspention is the same as the WR and can it be geard the

same and made so the power comes in slower.. Please Help as much info as possible


You'll need a lighting kit (if you want lights), and you'll want a flywheel weight. The tranny is workable. If you need the range, Acerbis, IMS, Clarke, Ty Davis has a tank for you.

The good thing is your jetting will be much easier to work with. Do the BK mod, adjust your jetting, and you'll be off. Suspension may, dependent on your weight, be too stiff. A re-valve will have you set up.

I'd do it!!

Dan, the YZ can be made to work for you. Personally I would rather have a WR over the YZ because it is more versitile than the YZ IMO. My son has a YZ400 and I have a WR400. My WR has YZ timing and a 12 oz. flywheel weight. Since I spend a whole lot of time in the woods on single track very technical stuff I use a 13 primary gear. However, last week-end I was out in the desert. I had planned on putting the primary back to 14 for that ride but partying/socializing with my kids got in the way of working on the bike. It actually did great! My son with the YZ400 has stock gearing as we were blasting down dirt roads and dry lake beds fully wicked I would pull ahead of him slightly to top terminal speed where we were both about the same. There was no doubt that if I had had stock gearing I would have pulled away from him at top speed. If that is not an issue with you then the YZ will work. But, I like the wider ratio gear box on the WR. All the WR needs to be a PERFECT bike is a six speed tranny and an e-buttom! :) Oh, and of course, Taffy timing/jetting! :D Good luck, Paul

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