Throttle Question

Does anyone know how to adjust the throttle to open faster (with less turn)? A company by the name of G2 makes one with different cams. I was just wondering if anyone did it without buying that whole set up.

Thanks Chad

I need this fix due to wrist probs. I really don't want to spend $100 to fix this. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Chad

It's a simple leverage problem. If you want more output motion for less input, the throttle drum has to be bigger, or the spool on the throttle shaft has to be smaller. There's no other way to do it.

Ok, I just tried a couple of screws for the wire to travel over. (making the throttle cam larger) It has seemed to help a little. Any suggestions to make the throttle cam larger?????

A strip of zip-tie glued to the throttle drum works well.

Cool, I'll try that. Did you just use super glue?

Please let me know how it works, I have a fused right wrist with limited motion also. I use to have a '96 CR250 and tried a quick pull throttle cable that had a little box on it that changed the pull ratio. The only problem was it was too much like a light switch! It was basically either on or off. Tough to handle a 2-stroke 250 that is controlled by a switch!

I like my '03 YZF450 but I would like to give it more gas sometimes when I am standing but my wrist won't let me.


Its working pretty well so far. I am going to the track this weekend and I will let you know more then. I'm close to an 1/8 turn now (just a little more). In my yard it feels about the same, but I will let you know more later.

Thanks. I checked out the G2 throttle you mentioned and I would consider spending the money if I thought it might help.

I looked into the G2 further and it really doesn't do what it says. You still have a 1/4 turn throttle, its just different how it gets there. We need and 1/8 turn throttle...Hopefully I will have this done right. I've already talked to a buddy at a plastic place and he might make an injection mold for me to reproduce what I'm trying to do...We will see...I'm worried that the zip tie will not hold under rough conditions. It also could stand to be a little thicker.

I'll probably let you know on Sunday how it is.

How did your ride go this Sunday? My only concern with the zip tie method is a possible stuck throttle.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks again,


It worked well. It was a supercross style track, so it wasn't very rough. Hopefully, weather permitting, I will race this weekend on a wide open big outdoor track. That will be the test...


Let me know how your race goes this weekend. Pictures of the throttle modification would be great. I am supposed to race Sunday also but the weather here in upstate NY is not looking good!


Try it's owned by six time loretta lynn's champ Steve Lewis. He makes a throttle tube for yamahas that is less than 1/4 turn. Maybe called the lightining or something. It's not recomended for 450's but if you have wrist problems like me you can't turn it wide open anyway.

Thanks, I checked out the site and will probably order one. :devil:


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