G2 ergonomics pro throttle

Does anyone have the G2 pro throttle system? I am trying to shorten the throttle turn, and this is the only way I see I can do it. I called Yamaha and asked if the YZF throttle tube had a shorter turn and was told the tubes were the same on the WR and YZF. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I am using a G2 Throttle with the 100 ramp which mimics stock. You would need the 050 ramp that gets to full throttle quicker. (The 200, 300 ramps give you more control and part-throttle.)

I have been thinking about the same and getting the 050 ramp.

My bike needs a very firm and long twist to lift the front wheel but I am a little reluctant as I feel that I do not have as good control as if the twist was shorter.

The kid down the street from me should post here. His uncle developed the G2, made a tinkerer a rich man I guess.

Get one, they're pretty nice.

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