XR600R bars?

Will be repalcing the bars on my 90XR600R...way too low.

I am wondering how tall can I go with my stock cables/lines?

It doesn't appear I can go more than a couple of inches?

I am leaning towards Pro tapers in the tallest bend they have.

The KX high looks to be the tallest @ 4.25in rise.

The only other bars significantly taller are the ATV low/mid/high.

Will these fit...the ATV low? 5.5in rise.

They seem to flare up from flat too....is this comfortable?

What about bar risers?

Are there risers available that bolt between my stock clamps and the bars?

I am 6ft and like to ride standing a lot.


try www.rswracing.com they have a nice triple clamp from billett with an inch rise on the bar mounts also they are available for 7/8" or 1 1/8" bars around $120. RSW also has a nice fork brace $80 half of what others sell for. Also try protapers in the Travis Pastrana bend I think they have about 5" rise and no upturned ends and are wider than the atv bars. You can find them on ebay att powersinc ebay store the 1 1/8" contour bars are $62. good luck. Oh, check my garage I have these same parts on my bike.

Mangler, those are scary looking to me, and $75 just put up the other $50 and get the rsw clamp. It will give you a good strong foundation to mount your bars to, them things just give more leverage on the week cast aluminum clamp. SCARY!

Yeah, i agree. Its a great idea in theory, but the more things to loosen up and slip, the worse off you are! :devil:

And yes, there would be a ton of leverage on those things in "not so ideal" areas of the machining!

Glad you see the light I want everyone to be safe, even the guy that doesnt use locktite.

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