3 years on a stock BRP chain?

My 650R was bought slightly used in 02. I've been riding the hell out of it now almost everyday since than.

My question is, is the stock chain this O-ring marvel that I have had on it all this time?

Cause if it is, hats off to Honda :devil:

This is a long wearing, high quality chain!

That or you really maintain your stuff????? Or just plain lucky???? I get about a years use on street bike o-ring chains althought I am hard on droppin the hammer!!

Oh I keep it clean and take good care of my bike. But I've never had a chain perform like this one...


Roger that. I used my OEM chain for several years. It's a DID VM chain. This is what my new chain is. An even better chain is the DID ERV 2 or 3. This is what the Honda Baja teams use.

DID VM, I'm going to remember that. Thats good quality.

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