my 2000 still burps when i whack it (hehe). when i am riding i can pin it and it goes fine but at idle it will bog. is this the mixture? i dropped the needle 1 clip and it did get better. i was afraid to go two clips so any suggestions?

ekp clip 4 from top

48 pilot

100 pilot air

170 main

this was suggested by J.D. and has worked ever since, i just wondered if i could get it gone altogether. by the way, BK mod (didn't notice anything), airbox lid gone, pc t-4 exh, yz timing, no gray wire, no throttle stop, and ride at 0-50 ft elevation 90% of the time. 0-2000 on the occassonial trip.

try leaning off the BK to nothing! you'll be the first to try it. my bike burped for the first time in a year the other day, after i put the APJ back on.

try that and then relift the needle to restore the low end mixture.

you seem very rich on the PJ. still it's nice to see there are some people that run those old figures. hearing you talk of the burp reminds me of the bad old days before we found a cure.


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