04 yz450f oil filter cover bolt

I tried to search but..... its not working. Well any way 1 of the bolts that holds the oil filter cover on doesn't want to go back in. i looked at the threads on the bolt and on the case. it looks fine. Whats going on here?

Which one? The lower, with the Allen head?

Be sure to start all three bolts before tightening any of them. The lower bolt aligns the cover, so if you snug up the other two with the cover out of position, the lower one won't start.

The other thing is that if you do as the manual says and use the lower bolt to drain the oil filter well, the threads become contaminated by metal chips. A better practice is to remove the lower bolt last and just let the oil run out to the outside. To correct this problem, try chasing the threads with a 6 x 1.0mm tap and die.

I don't know, but mine did the same thing. I would have to put them all in evenly at the same time. I guess the heat did something I don't know. My threads would end up beind damaged and I would replace that bolt all the time.

there used to be a known fix for this, Zipty had you glue a hole shut inside the filter cavity to prevent chips in the oil from goobering up this drain thread.

If you are going to use a tap to clean this thread use a form tap, not a cutting tap.

Also replace the bolt as it gets boogered up too.

I keep the tap on hand and use it whenever the threads get contamainated with debris. It can happen from time to time. Don't force the bolt in or you will damage the threads. the bolt should go in with no resistance. If you feel resistance, don not force it and clean the threads with a tap.

Dip the tap in grease and then wipe it off leaving grease in the grooves of the tap. This grease will catch the debris that the tap removes from the threads.

Compressed air will clean out the bolt holes. If metal fillings got into the hole and you tried to place the bolt back in you could get it stuck in their and break off the head ( I did this) had to buy an ez out bit. OEM bolts suck.

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