Oversize bars 1 1/8 kill switch?

I just put some Renthal twin walls on my XR 600. There is not enough room for the clutch perch, decompression perch and the kill switch to be mounted next to each other without haveing the end of the clutch lever stick way out beyond the end of the bars. Does anyone make a over size kill switch for a XR 600?

I doubt this would work but worth a mention. Since the CRF 450 has the hot start lever combined on top of perch, could you use that whole set up and convert the hot start lever to your decompression cable? That would minus your decompression perch and save you about an inch I guess.

What about putting your stock decompression set up on the R side, is there room?

:devil:UPDATE............check this out (the handlebar pic). The guy did exactly what I said except used a works connection perch.


They are expensive so what I'd suggest is to go on ebay and one up that one by winning a refurbished ASV 450 clutch perch - lever (folding)-hot start assembly. I got one and it looks evey bit brand new. They list for 125-140 and I think I paid 43.00 for it.



Hey thanks Huffa that will work

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