2007 WR 250 VS. 2007 WR 450 what to buy ?

2007 WR 250 VS. 2007 WR 450 what to buy ?

I'm 6' 1" and 215 pounds. Ride tight technical trails with some good hill climbs.

Just sold my 2002 YZ 426 that was geared up for the woods.

you're 6'1", 215 lbs, just sold a YZ426 and you're considering a 250 ?

try riding one first ... and then buy the 450 !!

The YZ 426 had way to much snap in tight woods even with a 12oz flywheel weight. After a 3 hour ride I was exhausted, thus contemplating the WR 250 ?

ahhh ... the 450 has a much smoother power delivery than the 426 - there's still plenty there (after being uncorked) but it is so much more predictable and useable - the suspension is also more refined ... just my $0.02

I believe the weight difference is only about 18 pounds. I would also tend to believe the WR 450's motor would last longer between rebuilds than the WR 250.....

I live in Oregon and ride in conditions similair to yours. I have a 05 WR450 and 3 of my buddies bought CR250X's. One friend is selling his and already bought a smaller bike. The other friend is selling his and buying a 450. The other is just right. (kind of sounds like Goldie locks :devil: ) I would still buy my 450 if I had to do it all over again. I just love the rush of power. I get on my buddies 250 and it feels gutless compared to my 450.

But they are faster in the tight stuff and less tired at the end of the day...

All the real hardcore old school trial riders seem to be on KTM 2 strokes. I rode one last weekend and see why now. My 450 feels like a pig compared to the light KTM 300. Emmm, mabye those old farts know something this newbie dosen't. :thumbsdn:

It's all fun though!

How about motor longevity between lets say the WR 250 VS. WR 450 ?

I was told that the WR 250 will want to live in the higher RPM range where as the WR 450 has the power to tractor along in the lower RPM's, is there a considerable difference in service life / longevity ?

Corked I bet the 450 is spot on for you power wise. If not you can always uncork it.

I rode a YZ 250f awhile back and I'm 6'2"" tall and 220 lbs. Those small four strokes are just too small and cramped. I concur with the KTM 300 two stroke, it's an awesome machine for tight riding. I'm juust too used to riding my four stroke to go back. if I could buy two bikes than I'd buy a WR 450 and a KTM 300.

Well I agree with Mike, buy the 450 and keep her corked up, if you ever need more power you can uncork it, I guess, we are not sure what corking Yamaha has done to this bike but you can be sure there is something in there similar to the 05/06 WR's. The power is smooth and plentiful on the 450, I doubt it will be too much for you, especially since youre a bigger dude such as myself, I would buy a WR650 if they made one. U hear this YAMAHA? hehe

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