Thoughts ? ? ?

Wow, 73.8 mpg. Them Germans, always boasting. :devil:

Did I just miss the weight, or did they leave that out?


Did I just miss the weight, or did they leave that out?


It's there, starting at 318 dry for the dirt version.

weight: 6th paragraph

Overall, the new designs tip the scales at a claimed dry weight of 318 lbs for the Xchallenge up to 326 lbs for the Xcountry (with respective unladen weights of 344 lbs and 353 lbs determined by BMW according to DIN standards). The number on the scales is nearly identical to the claimed dry weight of the comparable Honda XR650L, but is about 100 lbs lighter than BMW's monstrous HP2 Enduro.

Seems kinda anticlimactic given the probable sticker price of several thousand dollars more than a comparable Japanese model of equal quality & performance. Plus I think there will be limitations as far as aftermarket upgrades.

Looks like an expensive XR650L with the uncorked power of the XR650R. Why can't BMW make a light weight bike? Its like the Buell of dirtbikes.

Looks like if it is fuel injected since I read that it has an oxigen sensor,this could mean the extra HP and that claimed MPG......

I am sure its a fuelie, but at $10000 I could buy a new L or R and mod it to suit my needs and still have gas money for a year of riding.

There would be no aftermarket parts other than tires, that mufflers on the wrong side and looks to weigh in at 30lbs. 2.1 gallon tank 150 miles not with my right hand! Overall maybe this is what Honda needs to motivate them to update or redesign the L model I am not opposed to fuel injection. I remember when I went from a carbed truck, to an injected one, I was asking myself why didnt they do this 10 yeears ago.

I think if more manufacturers will offer the big thumpers, Honda will redo the xr650L and R models. But I hope they keep the gas tank from crawling under the seat, thats where the battery and computer for the injection should be. And a tank of less than 3 gallons is hopefully not a part of the plan.

Overall I like the beamer in the offroad version, but how it performs and costs would have a big effect on whether it would suit my needs, I am already leaning towards probably not!

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