Who Makes this sticker kit??????

I seen this kit on Ebay, I love it, tried to bid on it and they won't ship to canada, and the seller won't return my emails. Where Can i buy one? anyone know who makes it??



Don't know, but hell, I wanna know to :devil:

Doxo Racing. Their website seems to be in development...SC

Thanks, that one is close, but I love the large WR letters...........


As you can see, i Love Stickers, hehe

Maybe try BTO Sporst. Here is a link to their website http://www.btosports.com/c/G4Yamaha.

They have numerous graphics packages there, perhaps you'll find something you like there.


I seen this kit on Ebay, I love it, tried to bid on it and they won't ship to canada, and the seller won't return my emails. Where Can i buy one? anyone know who makes it??



Doxo Racing. I have bought a gripper from them for my grandsons KTM50, have one coming for my WR450 now. Should be coming anyday. Not bad stuff. Paid $16 plus shipping!! I think they arer out of South Ameircan somewhere, but the importer is in Florida.

Hey Merlin, that's the ones i bid from, they ship to UK but not canada, go figure.

Mountainmax if you really want the kit,I would be glad to send it to ya. I can give you my address in the states for them to ship it to and once it arrives send it your way



Hey thanks, that could be a plan, hmm, i'll check again on ebay and see what they say.


I like them also. For your information, there is a Canadian eBay. The graphics you are interested in are sold on the Canadian eBay by X-Outlet-Store. Go to this site http://stores.ebay.ca/X-OUTLET-STORE_YAMAHA-GRAPHICS_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZ1QQfsubZ3QQftidZ2QQtZkm The only question I have about them, is the ads on the store site are a little misleading. They show a picture of a complete graphics kit including a seat cover for a ridiculously low price. However, the description is for a graphics seat cover. Then the next line has the same picture, but the descripton is for graphics, same low price. I would ask some questions before I spent the money, to ensure that you get what you think you are paying for. Also, and I'm doing this from memory, I seem to recall that the description of the model years for which the kits are designed is a little confusing. One description says, fits YZ450F and WR450F 2003-2006. I know for a fact that the radiator shrouds for a YZ450F and WR450F for years 2003-2004 where different sizes and the shrouds for YZ/WR450F's are the same size for 2005 and 2006. So, how can they have one decal that fits two different size radiator shrouds? I have a 2006 WR450F and I am not sure what to order that will fit my bike. Just another question to ask before you spend your money.

I bought one from x-outlet and they shipped to Canada no problem. It took about 3 weeks but so what. The graphics need a little trimming to fit my 05 (same plastic as 06) but no worse than most others. The ads are a little misleading, I thought I was getting the seat cover included but the truth is I don't need the seat cover and I think I like the look of the stocker better.

I don't need a seat cover either and they still won't answer my emails and when i try to bid it says can't ship to your area......... Dam, Dam, Dam

As stated previous, the blue one, or i for that matter would be glad to pass on the goods... Might be the best way to get what you want :devil:

im weary though, i have asked them like 10 questions not one response.

Thats a good looking graphics kit. Now, if I just had a new WR to put it on....

i was at a track and a guy had the shroud graphics but not the tank graphics.....apparently they dont have the adhesive for the gastank down good enough so the adhesive wont stick........because you have to have special gas tank adhesive.....just ask any MAJOR graphics manufacturer.....i do like the looks though.i like fmf graphics and one industries and factory effex but never get n-styel for they dont have the gas tank down either

I went with the AmPro kit that is sold thru Yamaha. It sez the same kit can be used for the YZ and the WR but the fit on my WR was terrible. It's pretty slim pickin's for graphics that are specifically made for the WR. :devil:

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