Oil changing tips?

Anyone have any neat tricks for draining the oil tank on an '03 yz450? It sure comes out in a hurry. I have been wrapping a piece of cardboard around the frame rails to try and direct the flow downward. Anyone have a better solution?

Been there done that - I now have a large car/truck size oil catcher/container that fits under my bike and catches all oil that comes out of my bike (sold at all autoparts stores). I do not use lift stand at all. I use either a wall to lean the bike up straight or I use tiedowns between 2 walls to hold the bike steady. I remove the lower skid plate completely. After heating up the bike /clutch I remove the frame drain bolt first - loosen dipstick. Let this drain as I remove the drain bolt under the cases/engine - let that drain completely. Then I remove the oil filter top screws first, then bottom allen head. Remove filter cover and clean/replace filter (i use Scotts filter). I spray contact or carb cleaner in the allenhaed bolt hole to remove metal particles - then replace filter, filter cover - allenhead and top bolts. I spray carb/contact clean under air filter cover/on side on motor to remove as much oil as possible. I then remove the 8mm oil drain bolt under the shifter to drain all oil. After all oil is removed - replace the 8mm bolt, the drain bolt on the bottom of the motor and finally tighten frame drain bolt - then install lower skid plate. Entire process 10-15min max...do not forget to add oil and never start bike w/o oil in it.... :devil:

Also I drain all used oil in a 5 gal VPU4 container and drop off to my buddy who uses it in a oil burning heater

How do you keep the oil from spraying out of the frame tank all over the front tire? Mine wants to gush out about a foot for a couple seconds. Without the cardboard to direct it down it gets all over the front tire.

Yes you are correct - I lift the oil catcher up at a angle until the flow slows way down, sorry forgot that piece of info...then remove other drain bolt

Billy Who ManFunnel

The YZ250F ManFunnel™ 2001-2005

Also fits WR models and 400F, 426F and 450F Frame Drain Bolt

Yamaha revolutionized 4-stroke motorcross and off-road bikes in 1998 with the release of the YZ and WR400F. In 2001 while others were playing catch-up they introduced the YZ and WR250F which has become one of the top selling bikes in America. Like all modern day thumpers the Yamaha 250F's are built for performance, not ease of maintenance. This is apparent with the location of the drain bolts on the 250F.

The first is located on the frame down tube. When the bolt is extracted it spews oil out and you are lucky if you can keep it from soiling your front wheel. The second drain bolt is recessed back above the frame rail under the shifter. During a routine oil change draining the oil can quickly become a messy task as the oil flows directly onto the frame rail and all over the stand, floor or worse yet, it pools in your skid plate.

The YZ250F ManFunnel is a 2-piece design that eliminates the mess associated with both drain holes. First the frame harness, the pewter piece, clips on to the frame down tube and the funnel snaps into place creating a simple solution to routing used oil out and away from the bike with out the mess, also fits YZ426F and 450F models. For the second application the funnel portion is used by itself to drain the motor oil by clipping onto the frame rail and extending under the drain bolt creating a bridge between the gap of the drain hole and frame rail. Again it routes used oil out and away from the bike with out the mess.

As with all of the ManFunnels it acts as a filling funnel to put oil back in the bike as well. It works on the frame fill spouts on the 01-02 models as well as the motor fill holes on the 03-04 models.

Is it going to add horsepower? NO. Is it going to make you faster? NO. Will it save you time, frustration and clean-up? Oh God YES!Billy Who

use a funnel

The man-funnel. Thats a great name. It looks like it works well. Ill have to do some searching and check it out before I buy one. Thanks for all the help and advice.

How do you keep the oil from spraying out of the frame tank all over the front tire?
Uh,....turn the wheel to one side and hold the drip pan up. Not one drop spilled, at least until I get to the oil filter.

Don't use that bolt to drain the tank at all. I never pulled that bolt out because it makes a mess. Take the oil line loose from the right side of the motor just below the clutch cover. That will give you a more complete drain and is a lot less messy.

use a funnel

That is exactly what I do. I just let the oil shoot into the funnel and direct it down into the catch pan

Don't use that bolt to drain the tank at all. I never pulled that bolt out because it makes a mess.
I'm sorry, but anyone who can't drain oil from the frame drain on a YZF without making a mess should think about having all their mechanical work done for them. It's just way, way too simple a thing to do. The oil line fittings were not intended to be disturbed that often, the drain plug was.


I pulled that oil line loose every oil drain and I change my oil often and I ride often. I had zero problems on either of my pre-06 YZs that I did this to after countless oil changes. There is an o ring that provides the sealing for that line and it can come off and go back on many many times with zero problems.

It is the cleanest way to change the oil, and you don't even have to turn your wheel to the side. :devil:

And the oil that runs down the side of the case and onto the skid plate is dealt with how? But you're right. It's supremely difficult to turn the front wheel to one side.

You are going to have oil in that area because of the filter being removed. This way the oil drains from the same spot as the filter. I have done it both ways and this is a cleaner method without a doubt. The drain pan in the same location catches all of the oil and the oil that was in the line and in the bottom of the tank is drained.


You drain your oil however you want. I am sure that you will do it right.


you wanted a tip.....there's one for ya.

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