Supertrapp ?? for 650L

I've been looking to buy a supertrapp for an 06 problem is that the Supertrapp website shows the correct product number is an 813-3601, while and other websites show an 811-3601...does anyone know which part is correct? or is there a difference?

The IDS2 for my 2000 XR650L has 2 different part numbers 611-3601 for the Quiet Series model and 613-3601 for the Racing Series model. I imagine that is what you are seeing. I would go for the quiet core. I'm very happy with mine. I assume that the 811 is the Quiet and 813 is Racing, but check with them. I called Supertrapp today regarding tuning and they were extremely helpful. Bruce talked with me for 10 minutes and e-mailed a bunch of files and manuals to me.

Bruce Schultz

Customer Service/Technical Support

SuperTrapp Industries, Inc.

4540 West 160th Street

Cleveland,OH 44135

Ph.216-265-8400, ext 121

That helps a lot, thanks for the info!

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