Has anyone herd whats happening for 2003? Are we getting a 450 or 470 with a button? Or am I going to have to start looking at the Euro bikes? Not the orange turds though, blue/yellow or black....

Speaking to the local dealer today, he reckons that as the factory teams have all been running 500cc bikes, it is only a matter of time before they go into production... Expect a YZ500F and WR500F in the next couple of years... E-start will be on the cards, perhaps as an option on the YZ (for weight savings...) Honda has thrown down the gauntlet, and Yamaha is not going to sit still too long... They have had a good few years with the current models, 5-6 years to recoup the development and production costs... time for some new models in the next couple of years... expect to see some trickery emerging - Fuel Injection as one example...

Hope that wets your appetite, but please, don't turn blue - remember to breath...

David :)

I was speaking with a new friend who works at the local Yamaha Motors factory down the road. He basically echo'd what Yamaha dude has said here. It appears that the Yamaha Skunk Works team is looking at something to compete with that Orange 520. Next year could prove interesting.

Bonzai :)

The AMA needs to bring back the 500cc and/or Open class! Enough of this 250cc vs 450cc & 125cc vs 250cc stuff.

Gimme back my YZ465 2 stroke and Open class.

Those WERE the days!!

Ron in SoCal you couldn't have said it any sweeter!! Why don't they just put us in a class by ourselves!!!

That would surely be sweet if Yamaha came out with an e-button for the WR. Fuel-injection(Green Sticker) and a pipe that makes real power throughout the range and meets sound requirements and doesn't weight a ton. I would also like it if they added a sixth speed. A lot of us gear down for the more technical stuff but like some room on the top when needed. The WR is still my favorite bike. Yamaha should make them in 400 and 500 sizes as the 500's might be a little much for some riders. The 400's are a perfect fit for some. Could it be possible to fantacise any more??? Nah!!! :) Maybe, we should all send a wish list to Yamaha????? :D

Somebody is already running a factory 500 in europe, I've seen the pix, I don't remember the detail, and I can't imagine the powerband....BBBBBRRRRAAAAAPPPPPPP!!!!!!

SCOTT F... paging SCOTT F..... (he'd know)

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open class and a "smaller class" (125/250, / whatever??)


two stroke class and four stroke class like quads run. this would mean that if there was a rider who was faster on his 125 than the current champ on his 250 or 500cc two-smoke, he would actually be given the credit he deserves, not being relegated to riding the "support class" where it doesn't mean as much in most people's eyes.

my $.02


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