have to remove head pipe to change oil filter?

My son has a 2000 YZF 426 and every time I change the oil filter I have to remove the head pipe to do it. I think they corrected the problem in 01 but wondering if there any after market head pipes I can install to fix this problem or if a 01 or 02 pipe would work ?

I think an '01 or '02 headpipe will swap in just fine. I amy be wrong, but I almost sure that it will.

I believe you're right. Most any aftermarket pipe should address that, too.

i know that the power bomb FMF will fix the problem. i do the maintenance for my 400 and my friends 426 and i loosen the bolts enough to slightly rotate the header up a bit. you can remove the filter by doing that just fine and you dont have to completely remove the header. dunno if that helps at all. but i do agree....what were they thinking when they designed that?

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