Is this Noise Bad?

Help! I have an 06 WR450 that I got mid season of last year. I just put on a new white brothers system on tonight... Sounds good and I will get on it tomorrow to feel the new performance but I was listen to the new pipe just now and it sounds good. When I engage the clouch it sounds good but when I release the clouch I get a little more noise from the block almost like a vibration in the engine... Is that normal? As you can tell I am new to the dirt bike industry but just curious if I should be worried about that...

It is all normal. They are noisy engines.

For a bit of fun, have a listen to a KTM engine up close..... NOISY!!!

If the sound only occur when ur clutch is not engaged, and tends to dissapear when you engage the clutch its normal.. the sound will get worse as you clutch gets more worn out.. but its not a problem.. Ducati`s bike have dry clutch.. If you find one of those you can listen to the noise that clutch makes! Sounds like a washingmashine full of coins!

As the guys above say, don't worry about it, it's normal. When you put a decent skid plate on then you're going to hear even more noises.

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