Clarke vs. IMS Tank

Any opinions on what tank is better on a 2001 yz 426?

I am thinking of going for the clarke 3.3 gal tank, im not quite sure which model has a better fit and comfort?

I had a clarke on my 426 and took it off because it raises up where you put gas in to almost level with the handlebars. I just felt like I was riding on the back fender. But as far as quality goes, the clarke was very well made.

Well said:

An IMS oversize tank, with or without dry-break. In the last few years IMS has done a great job of adding fuel capacity to popular off-road machines without compromising the standard ergonomics. In some cases, the tanks even aid the stock riding position. We love long rides and hate pushing bikes that are out of fuel. So we love IMS tanks.

i have the clarke tank for my 01 426 and have had it for 5 years. i love it it runs me about 120 miles trail riding and about 70 miles desert racing

Thanks for the input, I believe ill go with the Clarke 3.3, I definitely don't like pushing it cause no matter what you do your five miles from no where and surrounded by sand

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