i need help rejetting my carb

well i have a boyesen quick shot, twin air, and a full system factory 4 exhaust and my elevation is 600 - 1200 Ft.

What's it doing now that you don't like?

It's an 05, right?

yeah its an 05, im just not sure what jets to put in it to make it run right i just rejetted it last night to what the paper i got with the jet kit said and it runs horrible at idle it sounds fin when when you go to get on it its not getting enough gas or sum cuz it keeps cutting out and sputtering

If you had the slide out, there's an even chance you put the spring plate back on it upside down. This is a common mistake made more common by the fact that it looks like it ought to go that way. Make sure you have it with the flat edge, the side with the hole in it, facing down, as shown here: (item #11, center of the page. It causes symptoms much like you describe, and it's because it's too rich at under a third throttle)


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