XMAS Shopping

Have you ever noticed that when you do your XMas shopping on XMas Eve you always see the same people year after year, you always wave to them and say "see ya next year" :)

May All TTalkers and their families have a safe and happy holiday :D

Remember Next Year We Will Get Into Shape :D

Ride Often And Ride Safe

[ December 12, 2001: Message edited by: Unkle Moose ]

See ya on the 24th Unc Moose!

I am the king procrastinator!!!

I wish my local 7/11 had a larger jewelry department.

I have found that the WR (CA Plates) is perfect for those last minute "surgical strikes" to the mall. Split lanes all the way there, park right next to the entrance, buy the goods and wheelie home. It does limit the size of the gifts (have to fit in my back pack), but as they say "good things come in small packages".

Merry Christmas to all TT'ers and their families!!!

Only 5 more days to shop forself for all the stuff your loved won't get you :D

Have A Safe And Happy Holiday :)

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