2005 yz 450f: I need to gear it down...

So it has a 14 tooth up front? and a 51 tooth on the back right? I'm thinking 13-52 or 53 on back, will that fit this bike and use stock chain? This bike is to "high strung" for slow twisty woods and switch backs. What do you think of this gearing? I'm looking at getting Tag Metals sprockets!

Other stuff on "winter list":

IMS (I think that's the spelling) 3.2 gal tank, I've been carring 1 gal. in a backpack! :devil:

Moose hand protectors

kick stand (brand unknown?)

You will probably find that you will need to modify the chain guide for clearance if you go larger than 51 or so.

i have a 52 tooth on the back and it make a world of difference, i had the stock chain but i got a new sealed chain dont know why but the stock chain stretches badly

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