Looking at these, anyone like them?

Looks nice. I have one from Rooster Performance that I like. The debate is whether you should get plastic or alum/steel. Plastic gets thrashed but if it gets bent you just break it off and ride. Metal sometimes can get bent so bad as to block the wheel. I never had any problems with my alum. one. Just bend it back after a hard hit. Whatever you get you will be happy that you got the protection.

I have been looking for something like this.... thanks...

I never liked the plastic acerbic stuff.

I have a metal shark fin for the back and swear by it!

Now it looks like I have something for the front as well....

thanks for the find...

The Topar is for the YZF not the WR. I'm pretty sure it won't fit. I know the Cycra didn't work on my '05 because the mounting points are different than the YZ's. That's a lot of money to spend without being sure...SC

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