anyone try this Acerbis - ??

I think Cycra was the first person to make those. The rear part of the fender was white and had mucho air holes cut into it. Myself, I thought it was one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. The holes would allow mud through. (thats what I thought fenders stopped)

If you look close you"ll see the holes are on an angle so if mud goes through it just runs down the back of the fender but more importantly it lets air through to the radiators.

I put one on my 02 250f and i thought it looked awesome and I never had a problem with mud going through to the radiators. I would recomend it because i wish took it off and put it on my 06 450 before i sold my 02

The holes would allow mud through.
Only until they plugged up. :devil:

Yeah...then it would really serve its purpose well. I have a drill and a 1/2 bit so if anyone wants one these fenders made, send them to me. I will make them free for the cost of shipping.

had one on my Honda I thought it looked pretty good.

Might have to look into that silver and black one for my new ride


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