Liability Insurance for the WR

Progressive has that at $55/year. Comp is like $220, add coll and its even more.

Liability should be enough, cuz the homeowners should cover the rest right??? Anyone know what AAA covers??

I'm plated but I don't commute on the bike, only fart around town and such. I go off road mostly, and I'm sure those coverages stop at the pavement.

Anyone have revelent experience here???

Thanks need to call and ask them.

I am paying total of almost $700/year for comprehensive, collision,uninsured, underinsured, liability in AZ all with $30/$300,000 limits.

If I opt for comprehensive only (theft, vandalisim, acts of god, etc) it is around $100 a year.

DO NOT ASSUME that your home owner insuarnce is going to pickup the tab. in most cases the only may pay for theft or vandalisim, acts of Gods) if the bike is sitting on your property.

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My USAA home owners policy DOES NOT cover the bikes for fire/theft/vandalism even when stored in garage. I carry liability and comprehensive, no collision, on all the bikes.

Bottom line - Check with your insurance co.


I have an email into AAA already, I just wanted some feed back on whose got good insurance already. Mostly, insurance is spent money and I certainly don't need to double insure anything.


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