it has to be possible.....

hasnt some one rewound a YZ450 stator for lights yet? i know it can be done on my xr100 so why not the YZ???

It's possible, but they still only put out 50 watts. It's just a tiny little stator, that's all.

There are 4 ignition posts on your stock stator, very tiny like gray said. Problem is, if you want to wind it for lights, you have to give up 2 posts for ignition and use the remaining for lights. The Electrex USA ESL380 stator is designed like this.... but lots of people had the ignition side burn out... 2 posts is not enough, you need all 4 for ignition. Thats why you either go with an external stator like the Eline or a WR flywheel and stator.

will the 03 wr flywheel and stator drop in my 03 yz?

will the 03 wr flywheel and stator drop in my 03 yz?
No. From the web page: NOTE: Up to 02 models only

The only flywheel and stator that can be installed on any YZ450, including the '06/'07, is a YZ450 unit. The crankshaft and crankcases on the WR450 are different than the YZ, and different from previous WR's, in that the left axle was lengthened and the flywheel turned "inside out" to accommodate the electric starter drive unit. They will not interchange short of buying some $1900 worth of WR parts. Sorry, we're stuck with what we bought.

E-Line does make an external stator kit. It's neither pretty nor cheap, and as I recall, it has no oil filler plug, either.

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