I figured since BMW is making one, with the help of Aprillia I would start a rumor that Ducati will be soon. Just kidding, Does anyone own a Ducati Multistrada? I know not the right forum, but I trust you guys! I have been looking at one, I refuse to take my wife two up through the woods again, worked my butt off last time just to stay upright in the sand. But would like to take her riding and I like the style of the Ducati. Anyone?

Besides I like the whole idea behind the desmodronic valve actuation, seems bullet proof to me!

motomonte, I was hoping for a single cylinder with a little more off road capability. It is one baddass bike though. :devil:

Anyone know someone who has a multistrada? would like some opinions about the bike.

O.K how about a single cylinder desmo engine?I think they should have something...

Check the latest issue of Cycle 13. If I had a scanner, I'de already have a pic posted. I won't say what it is.....somebody scan that pic. It's heavenly.

the multistroodle is not a woods bike. Not even hardly a gravel road bike with the stock tires. So you need to really understand the type of riding you intend to do then select the right bike.

I know the multistrada is a road bike, I want one to ride my wife around on, I would like the hypermotard too, No passenger pegs so I will get vetoed on that one, I was hoping someone out there in thumper land would own one as well as their thumper and could get their opinion on the bike.

Let the drooling commence....


Motochris, I am slobbering all over myself, now what do we have to do to get them to build it, start a petition, where do I sign. AWESOME!!!!

Vittorio, you are the man, thank you so much! I want one of the Ducati multistrada's to ride my wife around on. But before I went and laid out the $10000+ fees, etc.. Iwanted some opinions and feedback about the bike.

I much prefer the european v twin desmo over the overated and way overpriced american harley davidsons. I love the styling, design, and suspension components of the Ducati!

Did you know exists this bike?






It's an old italian bike, Cagiva with 750cc Ducati DESMO_engine. :devil:

Vittorio, that is one heavy looking dual sport. I bet it hauls butt, though! And no I did not know about it, I have seen some Cagiva motorcross bikes before, but this is a new one on me. :devil:

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