Where did you get that?

Hey guy's,

I've got an 06 650l and saw a few of you have gotten rid of the rear fender and monsterous tailight. I checked Acerbis and Baja Designs with no luck. Where did you get it and how much? I swapped out the ft fender for a CRF 450 and it looks good, now I need the rear. Looks like a hot date with a low cut top up front but that ankle dress fender is killing the look. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ditto for me.

If your interested, I have a Acerbis tail light/blinkers in fair condition that I am selling for $50 plus shipping. If you think this is something you can use shoot me a PM.

I use the fourstrokesonly light and have been very pleased with it for 2 years now. It looks good and has taken a lot of punishment..no probs.

pics in my garage

stock fender

Thanks Justicedone,

Glad u replied, been looking for one 4 awhile and after seeing ur bike earlier before ur post I was trying to find your exact one. Will post pics of my pig when done.


Thanks to u 2 Phil, just ordered 1 from the sight u posted. Have a good weekend guys.



Think I'll order one too. I had been holding off because I had read some negative posts about this lights durability. Since you haven't had any problems I think I'll try it out.

PS: Does anyone know where the cable goes into the TV set that Honda put on the back fender? I think I'll put it up in the garage. :devil:

I have used both the accerbis and the four strokes(good luck getting it) and by far neither one was much good. Then I found the baja design LED and that for me was the way to go. Unfortunitly it was a costly way I went about it. Thanks to some one on here I found out about it just alittle to late.

Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ELECTRICAL FROM ACERBIS, I learned the hard way its junk! :devil:

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