06 clock

once in a while while attempting a hot start, i seem to reignite(with hot start pulled) it locks the Eng. and resets the clock to 12; its really annoying on a long trip, is this a common problem and is there any thing i can do about it

Check all your wiring around the battery & check the battery strength, this happened to me after drowning my bike, the locking you're talking about, I just charged the battery & it's been okay for months now. If it locks at TDC just rock her in gear before getting to heavy on the starter button.

The same thing happens to me...it is very annoying. I keep a trickle charger on my battery while not riding, so I always have plenty of juice. Don't know what to do myself...it seems that the computer needs some dedicated power or something.

You could put a diode (electrical check valve) inline with the wire going to the clock and a capacitor on the clock side of the diode to ground. This should provide voltage for a short time to the unit even if the battery voltage dips low. The clock must be a poor design if it cant handle a momentary battery voltage dip.


Or you can dump the stock clock/trip meter and install a trailtech and have no other problem ever. :thumbsdn::thumbsdn::devil::excuseme::cry:


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