top speed of 2006 crf 250r

does anybody have any idea on the top speed of a 2006 crf 250r stock? (around about)

about 70. why does it matter?

he could be curious?

Maybe he has an enduro or h/s coming up that has a really fast striaght. I had a 14/50 combo at one of my races and got up around 78-80. But that was a full tuck and i only weight 145

Just curious to see if anyone knew cuz i couldnt find it at all on the internet i think i might take it down a long stretch of street and have my friend drive his car on the side of me to tell me how fast i am going

Bring your camera would love to watch!!

i bet you its not more than 59 mph

i bet you its not more than 59 mph

You're going to lose that bet.

You're going to lose that bet.

X2 AHAH :devil: .

And I bet that the X will have more top speed than to R tho...

not buy much-my 2-3mph if jetting correctly

150 mph

your gonna need some new tires after going down the street at top speed. lol i would love to see it though

c'mon somebody give us top speed with stock gearing ..please!!

my kx100 did 65 very easiely and then i was ahead of the 4wheeler i was being clocked by lol

123 km/h on my o6 crf 250r

whats the in mph?

76.45 mp/h...not bad

123 km/h on my o6 crf 250r

no way... no way !!!!! does a crf250r do 75mph with stock gearing!! 60 mph tops!!!! I still say in the 50's. the low 50's

123 km/h on my o6 crf 250r

was that completley stock

Not that it is completely relevent, but my klx 300 did 72 mph with the smaller 17 in motard setup, so 75 mph out of my 250r sound reasonible, never clocked it though.

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