Replacing Crankcase Cover (left side)

I am helping a friend replace the left side crankcase cover on his 2000 WR400. It seems like a pretty simple procedure, drain the oil, unbolt the old (punctured) crankcase cover, then replace gasket and bolt on the new cover.

My question is this; Do I need to prep the new gasket in any way before bolting on the new cover, or just put it on dry and throw the new cover on top and bolt away?


Hi A-ron,

Fit the gasket dry as long as both mating faces are in good order. Torque the bolts a little at a time to get a good, even nip.


My '99 left side cover always needs Gaskasinch (spelling?), otherwise it will leak. Apply it to both sides of the gasket, the engine and the side cover. Let it sit for a few minutes them bolt it up to proper torque specs. If you do go that route, make sure the adhesive cures for a day before you fill the crankcase with oil.

I replaced my left side cover after having to take it off trying to find a problem with my starter. I didn't use any gasket sealer and No oil leaks.

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