AIS Removal Performance

Just wondering what the ais removal will do for my 05 WR450 performance, I've done most other mods like the air box, throttle stop, jetting and exhaust. The bike hauls ass now but am currious to see if I can get a little more.

AIS removal is not a performance mod. It is only the removal of the smog pump which aids in diagnosing jetting problems as the subsequent decel popping and backfiring is eliminated...SC

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It does remove around 1/2 pound of crap and makes it easy to access your carb. I was struggling with jetting and once I got rid of my AIS I pretty much nailed it right on the very next try. You should get rid of it, you won't notice a performance increase but it serves no purpose. I used the TT AIS removal kit and it was worth the $.

getting rid of the back-fire alone is worth it.

the JD jetting kit, and the AIS removal are the two best things i've done for my '05. besides, the AIS removal is a piece of cake for anyone.

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