Looking for supermoto wheels..

that fit a '99-05 YZ/WR 400, 426, 450 have cash burning a hole in the pocket. I would like a brake setup too. PM if you know of anything. I accidentally posted this in the WR too oops

Try looking in the classified over at supermotojunkie.com

I have been every day. If you search the history in the classifieds up until a month ago there was a set of used wheels for sale once a week and now nothing..

Ask the guys in the supermoto forum.. I got my set there from a TT member.

check ebay, and smj. one of the vendors there is having a sale on new wheel sets name is kirkz. he is an smj sponsor too. ski

I have been checkin all those places but I def. want something used..

I might be able to help. I just bought a 450 and have two sets of 17's with 4.25" rear rims from my 250. If you can live with a 4.25" rear we might be able to work something out. The set I would sell have stock YZ hubs, silver Excel rims and were only used a few times before becomming my rain setup. If you are interested send me a PM and I will take current photos.


pm ya

still searchin

thanks for the tip I have never heard of them...

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